2018.09.0 Release

Docker tag: quay.io/pganalyze/enterprise:v2018.09.0

New features

  • Adds support for Postgres 11

  • Automated EXPLAIN plan collection through auto_explain (requires Log Insights)

  • Support for fully on-premise Log Insights setup (see setup guide)

    • Previously we required log files and snapshots to be stored in an Amazon S3 bucket, which doesn't always work, especially not when there are strict requirements for no data to leave an on-premise data center

    • With this release we now support Minio as an on-premise storage backend, which can be run in a self-contained Docker container together with a mounted directory for log file storage

    • New environment variables introduced for Minio configuration:

      • MINIO_ENDPOINT=http://minio.internal:9000
    • We also introduced a new LOG_ENCRYPTION_KEY setting, which is used to encrypt log files, instead of requiring Amazon KMS

      • The LOG_ENCRYPTION_KEY needs to be set to a 256-bit key, and works as a keyring. You can generate an appropriate key like this:

        dd if=/dev/urandom bs=32 count=1 2>/dev/null | openssl base64

      • And then configure it like this in the environment file:

        LOG_ENCRYPTION_KEY={"1": "base64_encoded_key_here"}

  • Add public GraphiQL installation at /graphiql as "pganalyze API Explorer"

    • This makes it easy to try out pganalyze API calls with the currently logged in user
  • Add avgBytesLoaded to getQueryStats API endpoint


  • Query list: Fix sorting by role name, include role name in searches
  • Fix incorrect description for "Index Scans" on vacuum details page
  • Add special coloring for "cleaning up indexes" vacuum phase

Performance improvements

  • Add missing indices for postgres_roles and log_lines
  • Significantly speed up loading of vacuum run statistics

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