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2018.07.0 Release

Docker tag:

New features

  • Log Insights 2.0
    • Redesign Log Insights screen for clarity, better zoom-in, links to docs pages
    • Historic Access up to 30 days
      • We've added a new "Jump to Time" selector, as well as other UI elements to allow easy navigation to historic log data, up to 30 days into the past
    • Official support for on-premise systems, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora and Heroku Postgres
    • Additional log classifications
    • Log Insights Checkpoint Analysis: Add support for 9.3 and 9.4
  • Once-per-minute query statistics (instead of every 10 minutes)
    • Accuracy of query data and graphs has been improved, from the previous statistics every 10 minutes, to instead be every minute
    • Graphs update after 10 minutes with the per-minute data (data is loaded in a batch)
  • Allow MAILER_FROM environment variable to override password-reset email "From:"
    • Previously the password reset emails were sent from, which causes issues with some SMTP servers that require a specific whitelisted email to be the sender
  • Add connections graph on "Connections" page
  • Show per-table customized autovacuum settings
  • Improved integration with Amazon Aurora
  • Add CPU vs I/O time graph on query details page
  • Add I/O % to query overview lists
  • Add list of "recent issues in last 24 hours" to check config page
  • Long running query check: Ignore backups & queries with special comment
  • Add "worker" and "snapshot_worker" entry points to support HA configuration
  • Add "dbconsole" entrypoint for easier access to the statistics database
  • Add summary statistics to vacuum details page (based on log data)
  • Add support for ignoring table names for schema processing
    • This currently needs to be set manually on the console


  • Don't store bogus Heroku system statistics for full snapshots
  • Handle exclusively locked relations correctly
  • Make sequence report work again behind a feature flag
  • Upsert: Ensure that all_ids is correct when using DO NOTHING
  • Dataload::Queries: Fix bug in fingerprint to query_id mapping
  • RetrySnapshot: Adjust code based on snapshots.snapshot_id being available
  • Ensure correct index usage when accessing all indices for a database
  • Handle "NULL" value (-1) for replication byte_lag correctly
  • Normalize UNENCRYPTED PASSWORD statements correctly
  • Fix HAVING clause in index slowness check

Performance improvements

  • Connection tracing processing speed fixes
    • Use Upsert where possible
    • Avoid N+1 situation in StorageV2::Backends#create_referenced_queries
    • Speed up query that is used to close open backends
  • Schema processing speed fixes
    • Speed up schema column/constraint processing using properties_sha1sum
    • Reduce occurrence of schema_table UPDATEs
    • Indices: Reduce number of fields UPSERTed (instead only INSERT)
    • Use structs instead of hashes
    • Only update indices when the table has changed
  • Limit maximum number of schema tables processed per server to 5000
    • This limit will be increased in the future, but serves as a good base line for what can be handled currently without issues at the moment
  • Add btree_gist indices on backends and vacuum runs
  • Add index on schema_indices to support invalid indices check
  • Vacuum activity: Preload schema table and postgres role
  • Speed up connections list by avoiding N+1 queries
  • Add indices to improve loading speed of query details page

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