2017.11.0 Release

Docker tag: quay.io/pganalyze/enterprise:v2017.11.0

New features

  • Add SSL mode dropdown when adding servers
    • Allows enforcing the SSL certificate for Amazon RDS, amongst others
  • Add VACUUM visualization on table detail page
    • This visualizes the dead tuples accumulated compared to the vacuums that have run (autovacuum monitoring still requires a manual step to be enabled)
  • Show long-running query issues on query page and connection trace page
  • Merge Alerts and Check-Up into a more coherent UI, change up navigation
  • Show average I/O time in query overview graphs


  • Prevent realtime checks from being resolved by regular check-up
  • Use fetch polyfill everywhere (for now)

Performance Improvements

  • Disable backend_states.seen_at_range - its too expensive to update
  • Only show up to 25 queries on backend details page
  • Use react router to make switching between list and details fast
  • Refactor all legacy data tables into new virtualized tables
  • Add missing index on query_overview_stats

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