2018.02.0 Release

Docker tag: quay.io/pganalyze/enterprise:v2018.02.0

New features

  • Mobile friendly layout
    • pganalyze is now usable on mobile web - although not all views work well on small screens, this allows you to navigate around and see current database issues
  • Secondary navigation on detail pages
    • Detail pages for queries, tables and other objects have been redone
  • Allow overriding the default organization for LDAP signups
    • You can now specify the DEFAULT_ORG_NAME environment variable to automatically assign new LDAP sign-ins to a specific organization (alternatively the first organization is chosen)
  • Add "Query Origins" data collection
    • Query origins are annotations on the query using SQL comments, like this: /* controller:pages */ SELECT 1, which will then show up on the query details page in a grouped form
    • You can use existing tooling such as marginalia for Rails to automatically annotate queries
  • Add DOMAIN_NAME environment variable
    • Set this to the hostname of your pganalyze installation, in order for alert emails and other links that include the hostname to be correct
  • Add Queries tab on table details
    • This shows all queries that reference a particular table on the table details page
  • Add "Usage Statistics" section to organization settings
  • Allow self-serve creation of read-only API keys
  • Stop hiding truncated and unidentified queries from the overview
    • This is a behavior change from previously, and is intended to show you truncated queries (i.e. queries whose text was too long to be stored) in order to gauge whether they represent a substantial part of your workload
  • Log Insights improvements
    • Additional classifications for log events
    • Add Log Analysis for Temp File Created log events
    • Add Log Analysis for "Checkpoint Starting" log event
    • Always show server-wide log lines on database-specific Log Insights page
    • Store log event details as JSONB
  • Show system data for Heroku Postgres, show 90/100% limit for I/O utilization
  • Add Cache Hit Ratio graph to query detail page
  • Replication check: Don't fail for servers that had no snapshots yet


  • Normalize multi-row VALUES lists better
  • Polyfill Promise and Array#forEach to fix IE11 support
  • Vacuum overview/details: Allow table to be null
  • Fix per-query sample count and log line count with multiple fingerprints
  • Fix bug that makes system tab crash when system_info.data is null
  • Fix display bug for Heroku Postgres databases on System tab
  • Normalize: Fix bug with VALUES lists that contain function calls
  • Clean up repetitive (?), (?), ... query text
  • Correctly parse config values that have multiples of megabytes as units

Performance improvements

  • Add index on log_files(server_id, collected_at)
  • Reduce the amount of query origins fetched for query details page
  • Add indices for snapshot deletion task
  • Speed up query detail page for queries with many samples or log lines

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